Thursday, May 6, 2010

Female Truths

Everything in this post is indisputable fact. Do not leave comments disagreeing with or complaining any of the statements made, because they'll be ignored. Please, however, feel free to comment with additions or alterations on the post.

I just needed to finally get all of these rules on paper, more will be added as they are observed/remembered.

This is a collection of everything I know about women.

1. Every woman hates every other woman in the world. Whether they show it or know it or not, they all do.

2. All women are crazy. Not only this, but all females think that they're the only sane girl on the planet.

3. Women don't dress to impress men, they dress to impress other women. If this fact was not true... then no girl would ever tuck their pants into their UGG boots.

4. Women can not use logic. And they don't handle it well when confronted with it.

5. Compliments from girls > Compliments from random guys > Compliments from the boyfriend. Ranked in decreasing order of how much a compliment means from different groups of people.

6. It's impossible to know what makes a woman happy. Because as soon as you figure it out, she'll change her mind; just to keep you guessing.

7. Girls are never actually happy for another girl. They only get jealous.

8. Only 1 to 2 girls in the world look good with short hair. Trust me, it isn't you.

9. At least once in their life, every girl will choose the asshole over the nice guy. And it pisses us off.

10. Girls are incapable of telling which guys are douchebags/tools... TOTALLY unaware!

11. Girls don't actually like to talk their friend/boyfriend when they're upset with them. They just like having an excuse to get the last word and slam the door/storm off/make an exit.

12. Girls love to compare completely different scenarios as if they're exactly the same situation. How I acted in my last relationship has NOTHING to do with what decisions I'm going to make in this relationship!

13. Girls LOVE to be mad at their boyfriends. If everything is going well... she's about to be upset at you (and you know she's not going to tell you why).


KariCHINA said...

Well since I'm not allowed to disagree I'll just say that I agree with half of them (especially number 3 and 9) and that these are funny.

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