Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fat People

I hate fat people. Especially condescening fat people.

And I know, who am I to talk? I'm a little hefty. But A) I'm going to the gym regularly to try to get/keep in shape. and B) I'm not nearly as big as the people I'm talking about here.

ok, yes, I know it's a health issue, and I DO hope that everyone can get healthier. And if you're honestly trying to lose the weight/diet/go to the gym and generally making an ACTUAL effort to lose the weight, then right on! More power to you!

But how dare you, 350-pound lady that sits next to me at work, sit there and lecture me about what's healthy or not just because you shopped at Whole Foods yesterday. It doesn't matter what you eat if you're eating 40 pounds of it a day. If I am eating a poptart (so delicious) at my desk because I'm hungover, that is not an invitation for you to tell me how many calories I am eating while you pour a box of sugar free lard-balls into your mouth. So please, tell me about how much healthier you are then me and how horrible everything is that I'm eating while you search for a bigger shovel to help you get food into your face faster.

And trust me, no matter how self-conscious you are about how you look... You look worse than than you think. And just because you're comfortable with your weight and how you look, that does not mean that I'm comfortable with it. No, you don't look good with your muffin top spilling onto my shoes. No, I don't want to see pictures of you from the beach. Yes, your butt looks big, but don't blame it on your pants. Yes, you're making me sick. Please, ask me more opinion questions; they're my favorite.

I'll put more up later, I'm getting all worked up.


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